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L​’​inertie polaire

L​’​inertie polaire cover
Latest release.

extract. transform. debase.

released 2021, recorded at blockhaus studios with chaos audio!

11 songs mostly written and played on wednesday evenings by a
band called the Antikaroshi

11 songs mostly written and played on Wednesday evenings…was released in May 2016. Recorded again with Chaos Audio on two days at Schaltraum Studios Berlin live. We tried to focus on the core of this band. Playing music for such a long time with the same people becomes more important than ever. It’s not about perfection. It’s about output and continuing, about repetition and not…Vinyl only!

In p.o.p. we rust

In P.O.P. we rust
In p.o.p. we rust!.. record no. 3 released in April 2013. Influenced by the Prinzhorn collection most lyrics deal with that matter. Can’t say much about the recording process.. besides the fact that we recorded at the Fabrik Potsdam. There’s been some kind of pre-production at Yetis studio/ Freiland Potsdam with Sebastian on vocals and second guitar. What can we say: thanks Walli for being with us over a year! We wanted to have a “pop” tune as a beginning track and “twisted roads” is the only song we still play from time to time from that record. Usually this is one of the encores: short, not that challenging and some people just  seem to like it;-) Vinyl!!


Per/son/alien…in oct 2010 per/son/alien was released. The recordings took place at Blockhaus studios with CA and Juergen. There was a lot of coffee (“erdöl”) involved. And there were jokes about my huge, shitty, wired pedalboard („ah, und nen bisschen müll passt och noch rinn..“). In the meantime, the board has shrunk to a more compact size and there’s no more space for the garbage.. On the way back Dirks old car died. RIP.
On the track “Quandt”, the recently passed Seidemann shines at his best. I still remember very clearly how I played with him at the record release.
All tracks are based on certain peoples’ lifes. Like “crushed neocons” we were trying to draw a red line from beginning to the end of the record. The title as such is just a reference to where we personally started and the rest is up to you!
Ah first release on vinyl!!

Crushed Neocons

Crushed neocons…in early 2009 we released our very first CD via EOM records called „crushed neocons“. We recorded in early 2008 (except prsndcns which was rec. later in our rehearsal space) with Chaos Audio at Bronzener Hirsch/Friedrichswalde. We took all the gear in Niks old MB 100 (farewell tour) and recorded in a small house in the countryside. I just remember Dirk’s bass being recorded on tape in the small toilet and how the whole house vibrated while recording bass feedbacks. We added a remix of prsndcns done by Monosyllabikk (what is this guy doing meanwhile?) As far as I remember we released the CD initially on our own in mid 2008 followed by invitation to part of southofmainstream festival held by mighty Andreas Kohl. Following that show he asked us to become part of the EOM family which we simply couldn’t resist.
The coverart was done by the immensely skilled guy called matthew Irwin, who was also playing drums in A whisper the noise and later Wive. Some people see Dick Cheney(remember?) on the front cover.
We recently incorporated some these old tunes in our setlist and it’s fun playing it.



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